Rock School of the Bible consists of a two-year curriculum that provides each individual with training for Christian leadership and ministry, as well as with the opportunity to learn the systematic foundational principles found in the Word of God. It is the vision of this ministry that each individual grow in their knowledge of the Bible and mature in their walk with the Lord.

By the time you graduate, it is the goal of GMBI and Rock School of the Bible that you develop the following core values:

  • A love for God
  • A loyalty to the Church
  • A passion for souls
  • Godly character
  • A desire to raise up a new generation of leaders

Rock School of the Bible will help you establish a strong foundation of faith and assist you as you develop into the leader that God has called you to be. This training will undoubtedly be felt for years to come!

There are several ways people can attend Rock School of the Bible - some for personal growth, others for the 2-year diploma, and still others who may find particular courses of special interest without taking all of the classes.  The 15 courses, in order, are as listed below:

  • Discovery
  • Prayer School
  • Healing School
  • Evangelism 1
  • Principles of Faith
  • Knowing God's Will and Voice
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Christian Character
  • Christian Stewardship
  • The Glorious Church
  • Theology and Life
  • Christian Leadership 1
  • Christian Leadership 2
  • Evangelism 2
  • Christian Ministry

These courses are filled with unusual insights, anointing, and depth, suitable for students of all ages in their Christian walk.

If you're interested and would like to know more, send an email to our Rock School of the Bible Director Dave D'Armond at [].