Groups are small gatherings of the Church on the Rock family devoted to community and discipleship.

We believe that Groups are an essential way to grow spiritually and relationally. We want you to feel connected with others and grow in your relationship with Jesus. What are Life Groups exactly? They’re groups that meet in different areas at different times.  Some focus on studying the Bible, others on common interests, and some on applying the Sunday sermons.  They may be designed for a certain phase of life or open to anyone.  We want people to have real relationships and experience life-changing transformation through Jesus.

We believe that Classes are vital for us to be able to serve God and fulfill His purposes for our lives.  We want you to be prepared for what God has designed for you.  Classes equip people for Christian living, serving God, and leadership.

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If you have any questions, please email us at [] and one of our team will be glad to help.