• Church On The Rock (map)
  • 17N230 Manning Rd
  • Huntley
  • United States

Don’t like the Rams? You aren’t a Patriot’s fan? Hate football? Doesn’t matter, we look for any reason to throw a party! Come out and enjoy the funny commercials, wall ball tournament during halftime, junk food, and fun people!


  • February 3rd, 2019

  • Location: Church on the Rock - Lower Level Chapel

  • Open to all grades 6th-12th

  • Kickoff is at 5:30pm, doors open at 5:00pm

  • Pickup around 9:00ish (dependent on the game ending)

  • Bring $2, a snack to share, and a friend!

  • Pizza, pop, gaga ball, wall ball, board games, and the arcade will all be available!

  • No registration or RSVP required. Just show up!