While February’s association with Valentine’s Day may stake a strong claim to the title of most romantic month (despite the typically horrid weather for most of us living in a U.S. state not named Florida), few months actually make a stronger case for a month in which to contemplate true love more than May.

April showers may signal spring’s arrival, but usually true spring weather, and the renewal of life it brings, typically doesn’t arrive in northern climes until May.

May brings us graduations galore. And while not typically associated with “love,” ask the parents cheering loudly for their new grads why, exactly, they sacrificed as much as they did in tuition, time, travel, travails and tears to ensure their pride and joy could don a funny gown and comical cap, and take a walk across a stage, to shake the hands of an even more comically attired school administrator.

May ushers us into the height of wedding season.

And May, of course, brings us Mother’s Day, a day on which we honor the women in whose maternal gaze we catch a glimpse of the great love our Heavenly Father lavishes upon us, as the Bible says.

Everywhere we look in May, we see evidence of that love, in our relationships and the world around us.

As parents, we try to mirror that love in providing the things we think our kids need and want, often lavishly. Picture a parent, freezing on the sidelines of a sporting event, so a child can play a sport in which they will never turn professional. Or those parents cheering uproariously for their children at commencement, even if the bills threaten to bankrupt and the long hours worked to help their kids accomplish their goal nearly broke them, physically, mentally, emotionally.

The truth is we love giving our kids good things. Or even better things.

And God loves that we love this.

But in the Bible, God calls us to an even higher standard.

As our sister, Caitlynn Larive, shared in her Mother’s Day message at Church on the Rock, God calls us beyond just giving our kids *good* things. He wants us to give our kids The Best Thing; He wants us to give our kids *God* things.

We are called as parents to ensure the spirit of our homes, our families, are built on the firmest of foundations – a faith built in us, in constant communion with our Heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, and then passed on to our next generations.

As mothers and fathers, we may think we can give our children everything they need. But we cannot, because what they ultimately need more than anything else is a life built on the foundation laid by The Rock, Jesus Christ, and His Word, in prayer and worship of our Risen Savior.

This week, we encourage you to carve out time in your busy schedules for time alone with the Father who loves you more than anyone else ever could, and more than we could ever begin to imagine. Get close enough to Him that we begin to hear His Words, to speak His language, and begin to understand what He is saying.

Then, make sure we set aside time to share that experience with our children, introducing them to the Father who loves them unconditionally, who desires to lead them into the Fullness of His good and perfect plan for their lives, a plan to prosper them, give them a hope and a future, built on the surest of foundations, and a faith in a God who cannot be shaken, and will never fail, no matter what life brings.