An elderly business owner was once asked when he was going to retire.

His response was, “Why? What would I do?”

Why? You could travel, see the world, lounge by the poolside, golf, whatever you want to do, was the answer. Don’t you ever think about all the other things you can do?

The business owner paused for a moment, and smiled.

“When I was younger,” he said, “travel was great: Seeing new things, going new places, having new experiences, so much fun. But now?
“My wife and I went on vacation last year. All we did was spend our mornings thinking about what we should eat for lunch, and our afternoons, what we should eat for dinner. After a couple days, we couldn’t wait to get back home.

“I wouldn’t want to do that every day,” he laughed.

All of us have more in common with the old business owner than we may imagine.

Every day, from the moment our feet hit the floor, we are rarely, if ever, in the moment, where we are.

While we move from place to place, from task to task, engagement to engagement, and meeting to interminable meeting, our minds are almost constantly somewhere else – and usually, on either some future place, task, engagement or meeting on our calendar.

Or perhaps our mind is stuck on where we’ve been, contemplating what we’ve done – or more precisely, what we did wrong or should have done or said instead.

But regardless, even in moments that should stir our souls, inspire us or fill us with joy, our minds and spiritual energy are focused elsewhere, robbing us of the replenishment and refreshment we tell ourselves we are seeking.

This approach to life also spills over into our spiritual life, and our journey with God.

As our brother, Braden Larive, shared with us, God in His Word has promised to supply all our needs. He instructs us to not worry, and to trust Him in everything. And He even explicitly instructs us to ask Him, when we pray, to supply those things we need.

As Jesus put it in His instructions, we are to ask Our Father for our Daily Bread.

This means we’re to seek not tomorrow’s bread, or ask Him to re-bake yesterday’s bread, but to give us this day the bread we need today.

Jesus is asking us to live in the moment – to experience life in all its fullness, now.

That may mean we can enjoy a day of fun or recreation, lounging by the poolside, a leisurely walk in the woods or a new experience in an exotic locale. Or it could mean we encounter a day of elation, as we celebrate a significant life-changing event, such as a wedding, graduation or the birth of a child or grandchild. Or it could mean a dull, unremarkable day of hard work, with or without a real payoff at the end.

Or it could mean a day of legitimate suffering, in which we grapple with the unimaginable.

But no matter what this day may bring, we can rest secure in the knowledge that God will give us exactly what we need.

While we may like to think focusing on what has been will help us improve, and focusing on the future will help us prepare for what’s next, God invites us to let those things go, to simply trust Him and know that, when we are with Him, then are we truly Better Together.