Few things are as associated with showbiz as the old song and dance.

Throughout history, singing and dancing have captivated the attention and imaginations of human beings the world round. And the diversity of song and dance among the world’s myriad cultures is simply breathtaking. While what appeals to those in one culture may not necessarily agree with those in another, humans everywhere can recognize a song or a dance when we hear and see them.

Why? Because the God who made everything programmed us like that.

Indeed, the Bible tells us not only does God like it when we sing, He also, Himself, sings. Some believe when God spoke the cosmos into being, He sang, and the echoing tones reverberate in nature. At the least, God tells us in His Word that at the dawn of creation, the "morning stars" sang, and the universe still sings and dances for its Maker and Lord.

In the same way, God calls to us to sing and dance in worship to Him.

And every Sunday, churches throughout America and elsewhere in the world are filled with people who appear to be doing just that.

But yet, as our brother, COTR Creative Director Braden Larive, shared this Sunday, while God delights in the uplifted voices of His people, His desires go beyond tradition, obligation or even skill.

As the rich, religious young man learned when he approached Jesus, armed with a list of the good things he had done and the good ways in which he sought to honor the Lord, God is not impressed by what we have or any lists of good things we have done.

God desires for us to have good things, yes. He has also certainly desires for us, even more, to do good things.

But He, more than anything, desires for His people to desire Him, The Source of all good things - to cease attempting to appease God, or somehow earn His favor through our own strength or skill, or the worthless rituals we’ve been taught or made to believe have value in His sight. As Braden shared, God desires for His people to surrender to Him, to let the Holy Spirit have His way in our lives.

From this place of surrender, we can sing and dance in true worship, expressing words and motions of praise, born not out of a sense of duty, believing “This is what God would want,” but a sincere spirit that desires only to please Him, because of who He is and what He has done.

Then, as we sincerely hit our knees, prepare to touch the sky, borne on wings by the Presence of God to the heights God wishes to carry each of us as we live a God First Life.