Every society in every era has its obsessions.

Some, such as the ancient Romans or Chinese, fixated on the concept of honor and virtue. Others, such as the ancient Greeks, chose philosophy.

Our culture has long been dedicated to the pursuit of what came to be called “the American Dream.”

In today’s culture, both in America and other similar Western societies, we have settled upon the concept of “change.”

Sometimes, it may just be change for change’s sake. But most often, the obsession with change has been justified as a solution to a problem.

Take, for instance, careers. Your current job or career not leaving you fulfilled? Change it.

Or personal health. Feel less than ideal? It may be your diet. Change it.

Or marriages. Is your spouse not living up to what you thought they would be or should be? Change.

And today the desire to change even extends to things long considered intrinsic, such as gender or sexual identity.

No matter the problem, all it takes is a change, our society says, and – Presto! Voila! – problem solved.

However, God, in His Word, tells us something different. While the instinct to change for the sake of finding solutions to that which vexes us is legitimate, as Pastor Bryan shared this Sunday, the answers we often arrive at in pursuit of that problem-solving change never really address the underlying issue in our lives:

A sin-induced separation from the God who made us, who knows what is best for us, and who loves us more than we can even begin to imagine.

While some things, like healthy diets and healthy relationships, are well within the will of God, the change that we seek is awaiting us in the Word of God.

Indeed, The Bible tells us the change we need has been waiting for us from the beginning of time. As John 1 says, The Word was there in the beginning. The Word was with God, and The Word was God. When the time was right, The Word was sent to Earth, and took on flesh as a human being. And that Word? His mother Mary named Him Jesus.

The Word is not dead, like words of human knowledge on a page, but living and active, the Bible tells us. And The Word is near us, today, desiring to change all who hear it, bringing life, health, power, love and sound minds to all those who call upon The One who spoke The Word.  

But the change must come from within, arising in a heart in which The Word is planted.

The Word is meant to be known, yes, but more so, it is meant to be lived, to be clung to, as one, while at a great height, might cling to a rope, a ladder or a rock.

Indeed, God in His Word, promises us that this Word will be all that we need – a firm foundation on which we can stand; a shield to protect us in the time of trouble; medicine to heal us when we are hurt; a sword defeat the enemy of our souls; even heavenly bread and living water to nourish us and give us true life.

And God, in His Word, promises us this Word will never change, nor pass away.

Today, be encouraged to let go of the empty promises of this world; ignore the folly of the culture which teaches falsehoods. Instead, turn to The Word. Read the Word. Hear the Word. Speak the Word. Let it be written on your heart, and in your mind. And watch, as The Word changes both you and your circumstances, making you ready for the great things God has planned for those living The God First Life.