Few things have captured the imagination of humanity more than the sight of a rainbow.

Coming often as the sun emerges in the wake of a storm, the arch of colors, which we know is caused by the refraction of white light through atmospheric water droplets, has evoked wondrous imagery throughout human history, including bridges to the heavens, hiding places for mischievous green-clad guardians of pots o'gold and, of course, enduring earworms from childhood.

But for believers, the sight of a rainbow should carry deep meaning. As the flood waters receded from the Earth, and Noah emerged from the Ark, the Bible tells us in Genesis 9 that God caused a rainbow to appear in the sky, a sign of God's covenant with Noah and his descendants to never again destroy the Earth with water.

However, the meaning for us today goes deeper still. The rainbow can be the symbol of the greatest news any of us could ever receive:

“For as I have sworn, that the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth,
So have I sworn, that I would not be angry with you, nor rebuke you.” Isaiah 54:9

Did you catch that? Just as God swore to never again destroy the Earth by water, so, too, has He sworn to not be angry with His people!

God. Is. Not. Angry. 

God has given the law. And we can know the law. But it is through the law thatsin finds its power to condemn. 

Instead, God has given us grace. That grace is a person – Jesus Christ! And in the work of that Person, in the finished work of the Cross, God’s grace comes to us and we are set free, healed, delivered and restored! It is a mystery, ordained from the beginning of time, a wisdom which not even the devil understood. Yet it was revealed through Christ! And God calls to us to receive this life-giving and life-changing truth, far better than any pot of gold.

Today, don’t just know about God’s love. Believe it! And be free.