We in the church, just as those in the realms of business, government, athletics and many other fields, spend a lot of time talking about leadership.

This is particularly true of the amount of words, bytes and ink dedicated to the question of: What makes a good leader?

However, in the church, we read in the Bible that Jesus asks us to ponder a different question: What makes a good follower? Or, more to the point, what makes a good disciple?

While the world tells us we should strive to be No. 1, Jesus tells us that those who will be first in the Kingdom of God are actually those who those who put God’s desires first and those willing to be “the servant of all.”

God exalts the humble, the Bible tells us.

But while many claim to know and understand these godly concepts and Kingdom principles, when it comes time to actually execute, we – all of us – all too often fall short.

And this is a shame.

As Pastor Bryan has shared with us these past few weeks, God has equipped us – all of us – with great and powerful gifts. Through the Holy Spirit, we are empowered to achieve great feats and carry out great exploits.

And why has God so empowered us? Because He has given us – all of us – a great mission: To save the world.

While few of us will ever have the opportunity to actually reach an entire nation or even an entire city with the Good News of Jesus Christ - much less the entire world - each of us can make an impact in our own world, as we bring the light and love of Christ to our own network of family, friends, coworkers, classmates, acquaintances, clerks at the grocery store, baristas at our favorite coffee spots, and more.

But to actually achieve the objectives God has commissioned to us, we cannot rely on our own strength, intelligence and cunning. Rather, we must surrender those to our Lord and let His Holy Spirit work through us.

And that can only be achieved when we humble ourselves – when we recognize our real purpose in this life is not to build up ourselves and our lives, but to pursue love and build each other up.

Like elite soldiers on a mission, we must lay down our agendas and take up the agenda of our Great Commander, to save the world, marching together in perfect rhythm, as fully equipped and empowered members of God’s 300.