Throughout the history of Christianity and The Church (uppercase “C” for Church Universal), people have debated just who Jesus was and is.

However, in the Gospels that record the events of His life and ministry, Jesus left no doubt about the nature of His Being. And so, the Church crafted a phrase – which we can represent as “Fully God, Fully Man” – to help us wrap our limited minds around the truth of Jesus’ humanity, and yet His full divinity, as a member of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Yet the Bible tells us Jesus, while equal to The Father, sitting enthroned in glory, set aside all of that – “emptied Himself” of His equality with God, the Bible tells us – to come to Earth as a man, to dwell with us and among us as one of us, and perform the ultimate sacrifice, humbling Himself “to the point of death on a cross,” taking upon Himself the sins of the world and opening a way for us to return to fellowship with our Creator.

Hallelujah! And amen!

Yet the Bible tells us Jesus, while fully human, at no point wavered or turned away from the mission on which He was sent. Rather, He found the power and strength to complete His redeeming work and to draw humanity unto Himself. But how?

As Pastor Bryan shared with us this past Sunday, we find our answer in the account of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River. As He prepares to begin His ministry, our Lord went to John the Baptist and asked John to baptize Him. John reluctantly agreed, and when Jesus emerged from the water, the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit descended upon Him, and God proclaimed, so all there could hear, that Jesus was His Son, in Whom God was well pleased.

From that moment, Jesus was empowered and equipped for the work ahead.

But the best news? The Bible tells us this same power that filled, empowered and equipped Jesus is available to all who believe. And that means us! And you!

God has a plan to save the world. God has a plan to save YOUR world. And YOU are that plan.

But don’t fear: The Holy Spirit stands ready to empower and equip you for whatever mission our Lord has given you.

And don’t doubt: There is a mission God has for you. The Holy Spirit wants to help you.

All you must do is say yes - then see what God will do in your life, as you step into the breach, as did the ancient 300 Spartan soldiers against the whole might of the Persian Empire, as we are called to take our place in the ranks of God’s 300.