In our modern culture, few people are as admired as the “self-made” person.

We know who they are: The entrepreneurs who started with nothing, or with just a little, and turned it into a fortune and, maybe, a business empire. The athletic champions who arose from humble means and through sheer talent, training and determination excelled to the highest levels of their sports. The artists who refused to compromise their integrity or their creativity, and reached the top of their craft. And the list could go on and on.

But what is less known are the parts of the story in which those apparently self-sufficient people received their “big break” – that moment in which they just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to find a hand willing to help boost them to the place their talent and drive alone could not bring them.

In the Bible, we find these stories constantly, as God chooses time and again in His Word to tell us the tales of the ones who were in the right place at the right time for their “big break” – their miracle – to arrive.

In the Gospel of John, we see one such story, related to us as the story of the healing of the man born blind. You may know it also as the story in which Jesus spit on the ground to make mud, and then rubbed that mud on the eyes of the blind man.

Regardless of how you may know it, the tale is remarkable in so many different ways. But in so many ways, we all are very likely to find ourselves in a position similar to the blind man.

True, most of us will never lose our eyesight (though it may grow dim.)

But just as true, we will all reach a point in our lives in which we, who wish so desperately to be self-sufficient, simply can’t get to where we need to get on our own. Like the blind man, we will find ourselves huddled on the side of the metaphorical road, waiting for our miracle to enter, stage right.

Perhaps the miracle you seek is a healing for yourself or a loved one. Or perhaps it is for a financial miracle, in the form of a new job, a few bags of groceries in a lean month, forgiveness of a debt or any of a number of other potential heavenly windfalls. Or maybe you need a miracle in your home, for God to heal your marriage, save your children, or mend a broken relationship with a parent, sibling or child.

But whatever your miracle, know that opposition will come. As our brother, Pastor Gary Blanchard, shared this past Sunday, it will come from sources designed specifically to cause us to lose hope – from our friends, our family and even our fellow “church people” – who will attempt to remind you of who you are and what you have been, and who will try to keep you where you are.

But also know that, when you wait upon the Lord and put your trust in Him, He is on the way to heal, deliver, save and uphold.

Be encouraged this week to stay strong. Don’t allow the pain of your situation to pull you away from remaining where you need to be, or to cause you stop short of the place you need to go.

Grow in your faith, for as Pastor Gary said, the depth of our intimacy with God will determine the breadth and power of God in our lives.

In Christ, our future is not limited by our past or our present, for our God is fully able to do all that He has promised He will do, against all hope.