Anyone who has ever taken a test knows the feeling.

Maybe you’ve studied. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re brimming with confidence. Maybe you are a little gunshy.

No matter where you’re at, the moment just before the exam lands on your desk or it loads onto your screen, a thought will grip you:

Am I really prepared for this?

It’s no different, either, when we head out to the “real world." That moment before we plunge headlong into a new job or prepare to head out against a tough opponent, we also may question just how ready we are to tackle this new position or take on this champion, staring us down.

And, the Lord knows we humans will most definitely have much the same thoughts run through our minds when the moment arrives for us to step out on the mission our Lord has given us – or, perhaps more appropriately stated, the moment that mission finds us.

Perhaps it will come as you are on the side of the road, and someone stops to help. Or maybe you are the person who lends the aid. Or perhaps it will come at work. Or at school. Or a family gathering. Or any number of other scenarios the randomness of life can bring our way, whether routine or seemingly out of the blue.

Consider this tale: In the book of Acts, we find the story of a crippled beggar, healed miraculously by God through the apostles Peter and John. In the tale, they were on their way to the temple to pray, when they saw this man, seated by the side of the road leading into one of the temple gates. They had seen this man before, no doubt, but this time it was different: Empowered by the Holy Spirit for the first time, the apostles, who the Bible did not record having done anything like this, told the man in the name of Jesus, to rise up and walk – and he did! The act caused a major ruckus, and resulted in the apostles being summoned before the religious high council to explain themselves. When they did, explaining the power of the name of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures record the religious leaders were “amazed” at the apostles’ boldness, because they noticed they were not highly educated men.

They also noted the apostles had been with Jesus.

After receiving the Holy Spirit, Peter and John and the rest of the apostles continued to study and learn and grow. But they did not wait. Their time of waiting had been accomplished the moment the Holy Spirit came upon them and filled them. With the power of God, and the full endorsement of Heaven, and the love of Christ compelling them, these men – who most would have said were not remotely ready to change the world – began to act, moving to begin changing their worlds, and from there, to the ends of the Earth.

Today, that same Holy Spirit who filled the apostles, imparting to them boldness, faith and power straight from God’s Hand, stands ready to fill you, and empower each of us for the tasks at hand. Rest content, knowing He will be there for you when it matters, as we step out, willing to take on the missions He has given us as members of God's 300.