When we take on a job, very often what can make it or break it can be the quality of the people to whom we report.

Whether you call them “supervisors,” “commanders,” “managers,” “bosses” or any other of an assortment of terms for the people who call the shots, anyone who has held a job can tell you stories of the good ones and bad ones.

But what makes the difference between a good boss and a bad one? Very often, the distinction comes down to questions of support and empowerment.

Consider the scenario: Your boss comes to your workstation, or calls a meeting, and informs you and the rest of the staff of the next big project or changes in the roster of duties and responsibilities. In that moment, the question runs through your mind, and perhaps bursts from your lips:

What does this mean for me, and us? How are we going to attain the new thing demanded of us?

And in that moment, a good boss has already not only planned how to answer that question, but to actually lay out a credible vision for how the team will be equipped, trained, supported and empowered to achieve the vision.

As believers, entrusted with the Great Commission, we have all been given a mission by our Commander, our Boss, our King. Each of us has been called to the work of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.
As our Lord instructed us, His servants, in the Great Commission, that mission begins close to home, in our own little world: Our circle of friends, family and others with whom we meet and mingle every day.

As Pastor Bryan has shared since the beginning of this new message series, God has a plan to save the world. You are that plan. And He has no Plan B.

But in taking on this mission, we know that our Great King and our Good Father will not leave us to face the work alone.

Just as God sent the Holy Spirit to fill and empower Jesus when He walked the Earth, so, too, has the Holy Spirit come to fill and empower each of us for the work He has placed us here to complete. When we go forth, God in His Word promises us that we go with the full endorsement and power of Heaven!

And just as a good human boss will give us the tools we need to get the job done, so too does our great King give His workers the spiritual gifts needed to know what is happening, why it is happening and the power and wisdom to know what needs to be done.

This week, we encourage you to step out in faith, trusting that our Lord will have your back when you walk in His ways and strive for His purposes, as a part of God’s 300.